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Top 5 Mirror Projects for Your Home January 27, 2011

Posted by Bob Eugley in Mirrors.

Bathroom Mirror ProjectI’m often asked where the best applications for mirror are in the home, here’s my opinion:

  1. Master Bath – In this application, size does matter. The larger the mirror, the larger the bath will look. In today’s homes, often the master bath isn’t that large and more mirror will help to give the illusion of size.
  2. Secondary Baths – Since these are even smaller than most Master Baths, the need for a large mirror is even greater. The larger the mirror, the more spacious the area will feel.
  3. Mirrored Wardrobe Doors – Again, the addition of mirror will make the room appear larger, but where could it be more useful than where you dress.
  4. Dressing Area – If you don’t typically dress in front of your mirrored wardrobe doors, be sure you have a dressing mirror where you do dress, be it inside a walk in closet or wherever your “private spot” is.  Make sure it is tall enough to show you everything and low enough to see your shoes. NEVER use a tinted mirror as a dressing mirror.
  5. Blind Driveway – Some homes leave a lot to be desired in the way their driveways access the street. If you have this problem, a Plexiglas (outdoor use) convex mirror, mounted in the proper location, may save your life ( or someone else’s).

Finally, too much mirror can be worse than not enough. Also never install mirrors opposite each other. In the industry, we call that the “fun house” application.



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